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328 Ressa Road | Sold $2,400,000 Pacifica, CA

"We should go out at $2.4mm*. 

Let's do it." 

(*11th hour $150k price change. See #4 below)

And just like that, 328 Ressa is a wrap. Here's how we got 🏆 Trophy Pricing with the most favorable terms all while clinching the highest-priced sale in Pacifica YTD for our Seller's. #themagicofmarketingandtiming

1. Identified the Seller's unique Critical Needs & Developed Our Sales Strategy


Selling while finishing the school year with minimal disruption to the family and in-law unit tenant was of utmost importance here. 

Meaning the Seller's (and tenant) needed to stay in the home during market prep, pre-marketing, and post-close with minimal showings or open houses.

No problem. 

So we set out to shop it quietly and completely off the main sites, like Zillow and Redfin, to keep it private and reduce the hassle of having a ton of people trek through.

2. Developed A Tactical Marketing Plan. A Real One*...


🤐 Secret Sauce alert! The marketing here was critical.

You'd be shocked at how we transformed just 7 seller-provided photos (shout out to my Seller's for the great shots!) into an entire marketing campaign that caused major buyer fever.

I can't spill all the details, but here's a few other things we purposely chose to do here:

NO staging (didn't need it)

NO For Sale Sign Out Front (wanted it private)

NO individual showings to out-of-network buyers - (this was key!)

[side note: we showed it to a few in-network buyers individually to gather intel]


*FYI - Hammering in a For Sale sign out front and typing info into the standard home sale feeds is NOT a marketing plan. BUT! Please remember, what worked HERE doesn't mean it will work "there". Every situation is different and THAT* is exactly why we create a unique strategic plan for each Seller (and buyer!) we work with.

3. Leaked it to the MLS Member's Only (i.e. other Agents) 


We took our strategy and marketing plan, transformed it into buzzworthy breadcrumbs, and made available a group tour for agents and their qualified buyers. This really helped keep it private for our Seller's AND offered a more exclusive and silent auction element to the mix.

4. The 11th Hour Plot Twist


With the feedback we got from our off-market due diligence and an overall innate sense of the market (the market felt really hot 🔥 for about 2 days) we raised our initial offering by $150,000 just in time for our upcoming tour.

5. The Group Tour


Even after doing this for over a decade, real estate still surprises me. 

A LOT of factors have to align for the perfect transaction, and the group tour couldn't have been a more perfectly orchestrated piece of the puzzle.

An already long story made a little shorter:

The tour was a huge success, and within 24 hours, we had a full ask offer with the most favorable terms.

🔑 Key Takeaway


Sometimes less is the key to more. 

"Standard" & "one-size-fits-all" going-through-the-motions real estate isn't beneficial to a Seller. It's not something I ever advise because it leaves money on the table. We don't do that here.

Remember, every home sale is different because each Seller's situation is different. A unique strategy is required to achieve the highest and best price and get the most accommodating terms. 


Hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes breakdown!

Be sure to reach out with questions or want to run some different selling scenarios out.

Until the next one,


(650) 898-8869


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