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Part 1: A Lot to Think About... 🌊

Updated: Nov 3

Move-Up Buyers Are Getting Creative in #pacificacalifornia


👀 (next week: stay tuned for Part 2 for my personal favorite 🖤 of these 3 creative move-up solutions without doing a Sell/Buy right now...)


Between the underwhelming inventory and the reluctance to jump into the current interest rate pool, I've noticed some trending creative solutions my move-up buyers are taking to scratch that upsize itch until the market is more favorable toward a Sell/Buy transaction.

🛠 More Remodels & Additions

I've been getting a lot of calls from clients considering remodeling their current homes (some of you have already started!). This is a great solution to solve the need for more space and improve your home's value while we wait for a more advantageous Sell/Buy environment.

One downside is living in your current home while it's under construction. It's not for the faint of heart... but it can be done! My wife and I lived in our basement for 4 years while we undertook an entire remodel during Covid none-the-less.

Alternatively, if you're a little less adventurous, renting during construction is a highly advised option. (And if you're ready now, there's an immaculate 3bd/3ba/1,700sf townhouse for rent in West Sharp Park here.)

👉 For those of you considering additions/remodels, always feel free to reach out if you need recommendations on where/how to start and what the best bang for your buck is regarding resale value.

📸 And don't forget to send me photos! I love seeing all your before, during, and afters!

🌊 A Lot More Lot Inquiries...

My uber particular clients have been exploring the option of building a custom or "final" home. Bear in mind that proper due diligence and financing considerations must be hashed out and site development/permit/construction costs need to be established. That said, this is a great way to build your ideal home!

If this is something you're considering, regardless of your project scope, I'm happy to help with a starting point and provide introductions to:

  • Local Builders/Contractors

  • Drafters

  • Engineers

  • Etc.

🐰 Interested in going down this rabbit hole?

Here are my Top 5 (you know I love a Top 5....) lot picks currently on the market in #Pacifica:

Contact me if you want a site tour, disclosures, and to discuss the potential purchase/build.


That's it for this week! Next week I'll go into a savvy investment/move up strategy that takes advantage of today's suppressed pricing using tomorrow's lowered rates. (It's my favorite 🖤 out of the 3 move-up solutions - without doing a Sell/Buy right now!)


👉 For a deeper dive into the details, or if you have any other specific real estate related questions call me or text me anytime.


(650) 898-8869 | call or text



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