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16 Cadiz Court | Sold $1,450,000 Pacifica, CA

"Wait, what? $50k over an already premium asking price + a 60-day free rent back? How?!"

I'm still getting calls about 16 Cadiz Court, but instead of buyers calling, other agents want the scoop on how we sold it so fast, at a premium PLUS free rent-back. I'm always down to share (most of) the details, and here's how we did it.

1. Identified the Seller's unique Critical Needs & Developed Our Sales Strategy


Finding a replacement property in a new city while finishing the school year in Pacifica were the top considerations for our strategy here. That meant the Seller's needed to remain in the home during market prep, pre-marketing, and post-close. 

Did you catch the two main challenges?

Like many others in the same position, these homeowners needed:

  1. To stay put while their home was for sale. Not a feature that typically brings top dollar. Why? It's harder to show and often (not here!) doesn't show as well as a vacant home. We all know living the day-to-day isn't always picture-perfect and those factors can impact sales price. Not the case here because we addressed it, strategized around it, and worked it into our plan.

  2. A rent-back period. To bridge the gap between the closing date (read: move-out date) and when they could comfortably vacate once school was over. Otherwise, they would have had to find intermediate housing and that's a major hassle!

Other factors we used to formulate our sales plan were interest rates, other competing homes on the market, and recent comps. But those are run-of-the-mill basics and not enough to fetch a premium with the terms we wanted to score on.

So we honed our strategy, threw in a wild card holiday weekend (Easter), and moved on to our marketing plan.

2. Developed A Tactical Marketing Plan. A Real One*...


If you've been following for a while, you know this is our secret sauce, so I can't give everything away here (call me if you want more details).

But, I will tell you this! One of the most unique line items we planned here was to purposely hit the open market on a HOLIDAY weekend (not normal!).

Some notable things we DIDN'T do:

  • NO staging (didn't need it - shout out to my Seller's for their eye for detail)

  • NO For Sale sign out front (didn't want it - did you see the landscaping?!)

  • Only ONE open house weekend to minimize disruption with our Seller's busy schedule.


*FYI - Hammering in a For Sale sign out front and typing info into the standard home sale feeds is NOT a marketing plan. BUT! Please remember, what worked HERE doesn't mean it will work "there". Every situation is different and THAT* is exactly why we create a unique strategic plan for each Seller (and buyer!) we work with.

3. Created That Buzzzz with Elevated Marketing & Left Buyer Breadcrumbs 


We took our strategy and tactical marketing plan and transformed it into buzzworthy breadcrumbs to herd all the qualified buyers in. 

Mission accomplished.

We had an offer within 48 hours of announcing 16 Cadiz to the mass market.


🏎️💨 Fast forward a few transactional steps...


4. Negotiations and Closing


Smooth and streamlined. BECAUSE we established and executed STRONG

on 1, 2, & 3

🔑 Key Takeaway


A tailored strategy and tactical plan, transformed into a purposeful marketing plan is CRITICAL in achieving your end goal in both PRICE and TERMS. It saves you time, money, and hassle ✅ 


Have Questions About Selling & Buying at the Same Time? Call me or shoot me an email to set up a strategy call.


Happy to share, I'm just not into putting it ALL out there on the internet machine 🙃 Call me or let's grab a coffee!

Until the next one,


(650) 898-8869


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